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FoAR | 从卡扎尔王朝到巴列维王朝早期(1789-1979)对迪兹富勒城房屋入口比例的几何分析

论文标题:Geometric investigation of entrance proportions of houses from the Qajar to the beginning of the early Pahlavi in Dezful City (1789—1979)(从卡扎尔王朝到巴列维王朝早期(1789-1979)对迪兹富勒城房屋入口比例的几何分析)

期刊:Frontiers of Architectural Research

作者:Raziyeh Rezadoost Dezfuli, Mohammad Mehrakizadeh, Behnaz Safar Ali Najar, Hassan Bazazzadeh, Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad

发表时间:15 Feb 2024




建筑学 / 城乡规划 / 风景园林

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论 文 题 目

Manuscript Title

Geometric investigation of entrance proportions of houses from the Qajar to the beginning of the early Pahlavi in Dezful City (1789–1979)



作 者


Raziyeh Rezadoost Dezfuli (a)

Mohammad Mehrakizadeh (b)

Behnaz Safar Ali Najar b, Hassan Bazazzadeh (a)*

Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad (c)(d)

(a) Department of Architecture, Poznan University of Technology, 61-131 Poznan, Poland

(b) Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Jundi Shapur University of Technology, Dezful, Iran

(c) College of Engineering and Architecture, University of Nizwa, 616 Birkat Al Mawz, Oman

(d) Department of Architecture, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran


论 文 摘 要


Due to the importance of the historical context of Dezful City, investigating historic buildings is necessary. But unfortunately, a large part of it is being destroyed. For this reason, it is essential to discover the guidelines and logic behind the architectural design of these buildings to help their reconstruction or restoration. Regrettably, there is no logical information about the components of this context and the reconstructions are usually done according to taste and based on architecture tested or personal preference. Therefore, it is necessary to find a logic behind these critical components that support the whole plan or parts of it in a particular style. The purpose of this research is to discover and find the logic behind the design of this building in the historical context of Dezful. Finding geometrical proportions can significantly help to reconstruct buildings better and more accurately. For this purpose, 30 historical houses of Dezful were randomly selected, and their input information was drawn in 2D form in AutoCAD. Then, the length, width, and height proportions were measured, and the obtained ratios were compared with the golden proportions and dynamic rectangles. This paper studies entrance based on ratios of √2, √3, √4, √5, √1.25 and φ (the golden section). The results show that golden proportions and proportions derived from dynamic rectangles are present in the wording of all cases. Moreover, the range of ratios in the plan is from 1.34 to 2, and the content of changes in the section is from 1.22 to 2. The results can help architects, and particularly building owners, to reconstruct based on existing logic by discovering the proportions of the entrances of the houses. It is possible to administer a part of the damaged tissue and estimate its dimensions and sizes because the proportions’ completeness can help revive half-destroyed historical buildings.

由于迪兹富勒城(Dezful City)历史文脉的重要性,对其中的历史建筑进行研究是非常必要的。但不幸的是,其中很大一部分历史建筑正在被破坏。因此,很有必要来探索这些历史建筑背后的设计思路与逻辑,有助于对其进行重建或修缮。遗憾的是,关于这片建筑组成部分的逻辑信息缺失了,而重建过程通常是根据建筑师的个人偏好、审美品味以及建筑经验来完成的。因此,找到这些关键组成部分背后的逻辑很有必要,以特定的风格贯穿整个或部分设计方案。本研究的目的是在迪兹富勒城的历史背景下发现和找到这座建筑的设计逻辑。几何比例的发现可以极大地帮助更好、更准确地重建建筑物。为此,我们随机选取了迪兹富勒城中 30 座历史建筑作为研究案例,将其及相关信息以 2D 形式绘制在 AutoCAD 中。通过测量长、宽、高的比例,与黄金分割比以及动态矩形进行比较。本文根据√2、√3、√4、√5、√1.25 和 φ (黄金分割)的比例来研究房屋入口的尺寸。结果表明,黄金比例和由动态矩形导出的比例在所有建筑表达中都存在。此外,平面图中的比率范围为1.34-2,剖面图的比率变化范围是1.22-2。此项研究成果可以帮助建筑师,特别是建筑物的业主,通过发现房屋入口的比例,根据现有逻辑对建筑进行重建。将部分受损的建筑构件进行管理修缮并估算其尺寸与大小是可行的,因为比例的完整性可以对半毁的历史建筑提供重建的帮助。


关 键 词


Proportions / 比例

Historical houses / 历史房屋

House entrance / 房屋入口

Dezful city / 迪兹富勒城

Qajar period to early Pahlavi / 卡扎尔王朝到巴列维王朝早期


章 节 标 题

Sections Title

1. Introduction / 引言

2. Material and method / 研究内容与方法

2.1. Research area / 研究区域

2.2. Methodology / 研究方法

2.3. Validation of methods / 研究方法的验证

3. Theory / 理论

3.1. Research background / 研究背景

3.2. The concept of the golden ratio and the Fibonacci series / 黄金分割率和斐波那契数列的概念

3.3. Entrance / 建筑入口

4. Result / 成果

4.1. Introducing case studies and their analysis / 引入了案例研究及其分析

5. Discussion / 探讨

6. Conclusion / 结论


主 要 插 图


▲ 图一:伊朗迪兹富勒城的地理位置。 © Google Map

▲ 图二:底层平面图中的黄金分割比。 © 本文作者

▲ 图三:斐波纳契数列。 © 本文作者

▲ 图四:迪兹富勒城的地图上展示的研究案例。 © 迪兹富勒市政府

▲ 图五:演技案例平面图中的黄金分割比。 © 本文作者

▲ 图六:建筑入口处的细节。 © 本文作者


作 者 介 绍

Authors Information

Raziyeh Rezadoost Dezfuli

Research Assistant and Junior Lecturer

Department of Architecture

Poznan University of Technology, Poland

I am an architect and energy efficiency researcher focusing on daylighting and ventilation in buildings. My research explores the potential of advanced CFD techniques in improving energy efficiency in building design. By simulating airflow and temperature distribution in buildings, I aim to identify optimal building design and operation strategies that maximize natural daylighting and ventilation while minimizing energy consumption.

Mohammad Mehrakizadeh

Department of Architecture and Urban Planning

Jundi Shapur University of Technology, Dezful, Iran

Behnaz Safar Ali Najar


Department of Architecture and Urban Planning

Jundi Shapur University of Technology, Dezful, Iran

I currently work at the Department of Architecture, Jundi-Shapur University of Technology. My research interests are Cultural Heritage, Built Heritage, Heritage Conservation, Climate Change, and Energy efficiency.

Hassan Bazazzadeh

Researcher and Junior Lecturer

Department of Architecture

Poznan University of Technology, Poland

I am currently a researcher at faculty of architecture at Poznan University of Technology. My research interests are; Data-driven method for High-performance Architecture, Climate change mitigation in built environment, and using AI for prediction of building’s environmental impacts.

Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad


Department of Architecture

Faculty of Art and Architecture

Tarbiat Modares University, Iran

He is graduated from SAMPAD - National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents of Iran - by 1996 and then enrolled in University of Tehran, Department of Architecture. He graduated as Gold Medalist of the school and continued his Ph.D. in University of Tehran until graduation as top student who praised by MSRT. He experienced a wide range of Post-docs and professional careers and concentrated his research on highperformance architecture as a Sci-tech approach toward design process, energy efficiency and mathematical-systematic understanding of architecture and design. Right now, he is serving TMU as professor of department of architecture since 2020, the dean of HAL (Highperformance Architecture Laboratory) and the Head of Department of Architecture.


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